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Pawning an item such as a ring or a TV is borrowing money. When you pawn the ring or the TV, you are leaving that item as collateral for the money you borrow.

Our Fort Lauderdale Pawn Shop will loan you more than the competition for any item that you bring in. We know that sometimes you just need a little time with a no-questions-asked cash loan to get you back on track. We will give you the cash you want!

Borrowing money using firearms as collateral is no problem at our Fort Lauderdale Gun Shop.

Things that you can pawn for top dollar loans!


If you are looking for a gun dealer in Fort Lauderdale, you have found the right place. Downtown Pawn offers some of the best pricing anywhere on hundreds of firearms. If you don’t have a favorite gun shop, we can give you plenty of reasons to make us your local Fort Lauderdale gun shop of choice.

Downtown Pawn makes it easy to sell your pre-owned hand-gun, rifle, shotgun, antique firearm or ammunition. If you want to sell your semi-automatic or have any other exotic firearm, stop by Downtown Pawn to be offered cash for your gun in Fort Lauderdale. We sell all types of gear as well like high-end holsters, tactical equipment, ammunition, scopes, optics, sights and more. No one will offer you more money for your gun in Fort Lauderdale.

In you are in the market to buy a pistol, semi-automatic, rifle, shotgun or ammunition we have a huge inventory of guns available.


  • Experienced and friendly staff. Downtown Pawn has been in the business for many years. Our experienced team of gold buyers in Fort Lauderdale will give you the most money for your valuables every time.
  • Large cash payouts. We pay top dollar for your gold.
  • Very fast and easy. We offer same day payment for your gold so you can get your cash – fast and easy!
  • Free appraisals. Stop by and we will evaluate your item and immediately give you an offer. With Downtown Pawn, you have nothing to lose and only cash to gain!

Downtown Pawn has been a gold buyer servicing customers in the Fort Lauderdale for over 15 years. If you are hunting for a fair and professional coin buyer, gold buyer, silver buyer, diamond buyer, jewelry or watch buyer in Fort Lauerdale, we always give you the most cash for your valuebles. Customers have been stopping by to sell their gold in our Fort Lauderdale gold buyer location much longer than the locations that seem to have popped up everywhere since the price of gold and other precious metals started rising in recent years.

Our years of experience with buying old gold, platinum, silver, jewelry, and coins as a watch and diamond buyer will serve you well when we offer you the best prices for gold and jewelry in any condition. We will buy all sorts of platinum, gold and silver, including dental gold, old gold, bullion and bench repairs. We also purchase modern and antique jewelry, loose diamonds, diamond jewelry, and watches. If you want to sell your gold for top dollar cash prices then come on in to Downtown Pawn with your gold, diaonds, jewelry, watches and diamond jewelry to the same Fort Lauderdale location that has enjoyed a reputation for fairness and value for over 15 years.

Included in our precious metals purchase needs are sterling silver flatware and hollowware, coin collections and scrap gold.

The huge volume of jewelry, diamonds, watches, platinum, silver and scrap gold that we purchase each week means that we always have a large stock of gold for sale in Fort Lauderdale as well.

We will pawn items or buy the items outright. If you pawn an item, you must sign a contract that states you will repay the loan with interest. If you sell the item to us outright, you have no obligation to repay any money to us.

This is one Fort Lauderdale pawn shop that truly has it all!

Please don’t try to pawn any item that does not belong to you unless you have the owner’s permission to pawn it. State law requires that we use one of four identification cards: driver’s license, state issued ID card, military ID and US passport. Without one of those IDs we are prohibited from making a loan or buying anything.

Knowledge about a variety of products, fair assessments and excellent loans… What more could you be looking for in a Fort Lauderdale pawn shop?

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